Big foot 

Unfortunately the leg of Mr.Grumpy was a bit swollen today so I went there after work to take him for a little walk, then cooled it down and put Betadine on it again. It’s on such a sensitive spot so my nightmare is that he has really struck himself badly.

However on Tuesday and Saturdays I have a really nice woman that rides him for me. So she promised to take good care of him and make sure he was ok. So instead of riding today I’ve been to Circuit training outdoors and thereafter I went to the beach to watch the sunset.

Somewhere in my mind I was hoping that riding alone would make me fit, but I’m starting to realize that it really doesn’t. Therefore I work out extra 3 times a week besides riding to not only feel better, but to ride better. It’s something I’ve started with since two weeks, so I’ll let you know how I get on.

Tomorrow it’s back to riding as we got a group lesson to attend together. Hopefully his leg will be fully ok again then.

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