Today Mr.Grumpy and me had the chance to ride in a clinic for a dressage Grand Prix rider at the stable where Mr.Grumpy stands.

As it was my turn at 11.45 I made sure to be there quite early so I was able to braid and make Mr.Grumpy clean and pretty. The clinic went pretty well, but the problem with the left canter appeared again. Unfortunately I’ve not been consequent enough in my riding from the beginning which I am now paying for. My homework for the coming weeks will be to be quick and consequent right from the beginning and not let him have his way at all.

The rest of the day I spent letting him out and thereafter I watched the rest of the combinations ride, which was really nice. I often have a tendency to think that everyone rides better then me or that they have better moving horses and it was nice to see that every struggles with different issues. It was also nice to see horses in all shapes and forms and at different levels. Definitely a day well spent at the stable 🙂

I tried taking some photos after braiding, but Mr.Grumpy would have none of it. So unfortunately the photos from today ain’t the best.

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